A Common Man’s Explanation on the Differences Between Lecterns, Podiums, and Rostrums?

Many use these terms interchangeably when in fact, there is a difference.

Podiums are used to elevate an element slightly above ground level. While it is used in other industries like architecture to raise buildings, it is more commonly used to raise people during a presentation or event. An excellent example is an orchestral conductor. The conductor will approach the raised lectern, make a small bow to the audience, then step up to the platform. This raised platform permits the entire orchestra or band to see the conductor conduct. The conductor stands on a pulpit as opposed to the commonly misconception is what a speaker stands behind. The terms pulpit and rostrum are technically, not interchangeable.

Podia (plural for podiums) are commonly used in sporting events like the Olympics or motor sports. Multiple level podiums are used to represent the different ranks achieved by athletes. The highest and the center is to represent first place or a gold medal and to either on lower level, to represent second and third or silver and bronze medals. The phrase, “He is going to get a pulpit” explains what the rostrum represents in motor sports.

The rostrum is used by speakers to stand behind and place their notes or presentation materials upon. Most lecterns have raised sides adjacent to the pulpits surface in which the speaker can grasp for support.

The term pulpit is derived from the Latin term “lectus” which means “to read.” A lectern’s top is usually slanted. The simplest rostrums function is to hold documents or books while the speaker reads and goes through sermon notes or his lecture.

A little known fact is that the word “rostrum” originally meant animal snout or bird’s beak at a warship’s bow. The ancient Romans used the beaks from captured ships to decorate a platform from which orators could speak. The place where the speeches were delivered was called the rostra, which was the plural of rostrum. In the mid-17th century, pulpit came to be used for a public speaking platform. By the way, the plural of rostrum is still rostra!

Lecterns may have an adjustable height feature which allows the vertical movement of the podium top. This feature allows for the variations in height of presenters. Also, the rostrum or pulpit may be equipped with electronic equipment for audio and video presentations. Many now have plug-ins for iPads, iPhones, or computers. Some pilpits permit the presenter to control lighting, speaker volume, Power Point presentations, etc., all by a touch of a built-in computer screen. These multimedia rostrums are becoming more and more popular.

A podium is not, therefore, a podium and should also not be confused with a pulpit – a station from which a church minister delivers his sermon and can be found in cathedrals and old churches. A church may use both. But to differentiate, a pulpit is practically an elevated platform and mounted high and on one side of the church interior. A pulpit on the other hand, is a piece of furnishing used specifically to aid the speaker with his speaking materials and presentation.

We manufacture and sell pulpits and rostrums. Yes in fact, we can build and provide podiums. We have multi-media, adjustable height, sound amplified or non-sound amplified, wood, acrylic, patented polyethylene, ergonomic, all types of lecterns or rostrums available. Call us at 801-966-7148 for any questions.

Lectern and Podium Portable Light

Recently, Don S. from Columbia, SC 29201 purchased one of our LED podium lights with our dimmer and clip. He said, “I am profoundly amazed at the quality of this product. It is 100 per cent portable and clips on just about any surface we need a light. With the dimming capability, the rostrum light is capable of permitting our presenters to increase the lights brightness when needed by simply rotating the comfortable knob. When the surface needs to be dimmed, the presenter needs only to rotate the knob in the opposite direction. When the light is fully bright, the light completely and evenly illuminates the surface.”


In addition, he went on by stating that his Summit Lectern and Podium, with its colorful contemporary front panel complements the decor of his meeting rooms. He said, “Moving podium is a risky business. Wood pulpits easily chip, dent, or warp. Our Summit Lectern and Podium, with the rounded corners and gray granite surface, is easily moved from meeting hall to meeting hall. Our AV techs love it because of its light weight and portability. One of our techs had the misfortune of having the rostrum fall off of a raised platform, when he righted it, there was no damage at all to the pulpit.”

Richard from Columbia, SC 29201 also commented on the versatility of the LED light. He said the light attaches quite easily to our sound mixer for many of our dances we are able to host. The local high school AV tech loves it because the LED lectern light illuminates all of his controls yet does not interfere with the mood lighting he uses.

The LED podium light is the ultimate in surface lighting. The PO-123 can be attached to most surfaces by just compressing the attached dimmer clip much like your mother used to use clothes pins. A further enhancement to the clip is there are four built-in, non-slip pads on the inside of the clip. Thus preventing the housing and light from slipping off of the surface the light is attached to. There is another variation to the PO-123. This is the PO-124. This light has a BNC connector which provides added capabilities. Both lights have a one year warranty.


Please call for pricing and shipping charges. In most cases, the PO-123 and 124 will ship on the same day. You can reach us at 801-966-7148 or email dan@clearsound.us.

Use A Lift Package To Develop A Tailor Made Lectern For Public

The other material brochure stands can include acrylic brochure and plastic stands, in addition with a metal brochure stands. Portable brochure stands are also well in demand along with free standing lectern stand.

The best means of correcting this problem is to interrupt your sentence and take a quick breath. Most people do this in conversation without thought. Unfortunately, at the podium, we are under the mistaken belief that we are not allowed to pause unless we have some form of punctuation. This is incorrect.

Over the years Mr Vass received a number of anonymous communications from those who held the podium. The “kidnappers” laid down two conditions before the Dunkeld rostrum would be released. These were that it was to stay in Scotland, and that no action would be taken to find and prosecute those responsible. St Stephen’s parish made an offer that should the pulpit be forthcoming, the parish would see that it was returned to Scotland.

If you prefer your podium to be easily transportable, it is even crucial to employ light weight materials. And wheels with industry strength would make the podium even more transportable. If you decide to have a wooden platform, make sure you employ sturdier materials to ensure a strong sense of equilibrium for the user.

It was during this period of national upheaval that the pulpit disappeared. Who removed it and exactly why a mystery remains to this day. Over 100 years were to pass before the lectern came to light once more.

Just one of the factors you will want to know in buy to effectively establish up a podium is the presenter. You will need to have to know his size so that the lectern can be adjusted properly to his top. The rostrum should be set so that it is at a cosy peak for the presenter and even now give his audience a fantastic see of him.

The lecterns are commonly manufactured up of reliable substance and make it possible for you to place all the products, like audio online video aid, a very good audio process and all the needed capabilities one particular can look for. The present day lecterns are becoming utilized into the substantial meeting rooms, meeting halls and the church buildings.

In teaching public speaking, I find that many of my clients, as well as my students, stand at the lectern or on the podium and try to be someone or something they are not. The result is a forced delivery that does not sound natural.

The base of the lectern consists of different coloured marble. The lectern was donated by the American railway magnate John Pierpont Morgan, and the columns were a gift from fellow New Yorker William Ziegler.

You want to engage your audience with a friendly, conversational tone and your material should be written with this in mind and not as though it were created to be read from a thick wad of A4 sheets while you stand behind a lectern.

You have significantly additional overall flexibility devoid of the lectern than with it. Your physical presence, going in direction of the edge of the phase or in direction of a display or back to the lectern to test your notes, tends to make for a much additional fascinating and satisfying experience for both you and your viewers.

The Right Product for the Right Space in Anaheim

At last, a product that fits your needs! Summit Lectern provides an array of podium styles and colors for the convention center.

The Summit Classic with its black shell and laminated cherry wood insert has the ability to blend in and not be the focal point of the presentation. With the rounded, ergonomic corners, provides a stylish platform for the presenter. With the addition of Clear Sound Corp’s intelligible microphones and cables, the Summit Podium becomes the best platform for the venue for Anaheim, CA 92802.

The Summit Presenter podium with either a built in Clear Sound Corp speaker or a speaker on an extendable speaker stand, with a microphone adds an additional dimension to the convention center operation. This variation permits the AV technician and the facility flexibility in the placement of the rostrum. All that is needed is a 110 volt ac power source and the Presenter lectern is available for use. The power connections and XLR output are recessed into the lectern shell to help prevent damage to the plugs.

The Summit Freedom is ultimate in convention center experience. This model provides self-powered Clear Sound Corp’s speakers and frequency agile wireless microphones. The Freedom podium can be used both outdoors and indoors. If additional wireless microphones are needed, a second rack can be added to house the transmitter and receiver.

All of the Summit Classic models, basic, integrator, presenter, or freedom, has shell color options. They are: black, gray granite, beige granite, or bronze granite. Stock inserts are: Black marble, Maple are available. For an additional nominal charge, a double sided cherry wood insert can be added. A premium insert color, silver mist, adds that professional look. All shells have a 12 year warranty and have a 25 foot drop rating. Still another choice is the facility logo can be applied to the insert. All models are easily transported from room to room with the built in tilt back wheels. With the available sound amplification choices to the convention center a shock mount and an 18 inch gooseneck with a microphone are standard. Depending on the model configuration, the Summit Lectern can weigh up to 45 pounds.

One of our newest additions is the Summit Traveler podium. This highly portable lectern (28 pounds) easily fits in the back seat of most cars and can be carried to the desired location in Anaheim, CA 92802 by placing it under the arm or on the shoulder of AV technician. In stock shell colors are: Gray Granite, Beige Granite, or Bronze Granite. For an additional up charge, a black shell is also made available. A Clear Sound Corp external speaker with an associated Clear Sound microphone on an 18 inch gooseneck can be added. To date, the internal speaker option offered with our Classic series is not available.

A Decorative Idea Made to Last with an Idea for Colors and Design

Audio Systems Group and Summit Lecterns have made a better mousetrap. Taking the design of our patented polyethylene and making it more sensitive to surrounding décor’s has been accomplished. Summit Podiums, where elegance meets portability, has the only patented polyethylene pulpits on the market. The success of this product lines are in their unique blending of functionality with design.

Keeping the ever changing décor market in mind, the newest design feature of or Summit Lectern is in the introduction of our new stock color, Bronze Granite! With the addition of this color, any boardroom, classroom, lecture hall, etc., will be tremendously enhanced. Where professionalism is important and emphasized, this new color will add to that requirement. Add to this color our synergistic rostrum inserts, and your organization will have a winner!

Another example of a décor enhancing product and meeting design is AC power input and microphone output.

Has anyone ever tripped over or stepped on a power cord or microphone cord attached to a podium and disconnected the cords? Or worse, damaged the input or output plugs? The reason for this occurrence is the common design flaw of most pulpits. These two problems have been mitigated in the design characteristics of the patented polyethylene pulpit.

John T. out of Tucson, AZ 85701 told us they were always having problems with their AV technicians, especially when the stage was dark, tripping over and damaging lectern cord attachments. The ones made out of a wood were particularly vulnerable. He said, “The design of our wood lecterns does not permit an easy fit between output plugs and cables. They are always breaking off causing expense and embarrassment. However, when we purchased our rostrum from Audio Systems Group, this problem was virtually eliminated due to the well-thought out design. The recessed AC power device and speaker connection are out of the way.

In the design, the Edison AC surge protector and the XLR connection are recessed on the bottom of the podium shell. By recessing these devices, the potential for damage or disruption to the system has been lessened. While copied, the product is the only polyethylene rostrum incorporating these design features.

If asked why should I purchase a Summit Lectern? John T. from Tucson, AZ 85701 answered, “Why not own a Summit Lectern? They work.”

Our answer is if you want to have a rostrum in your organization that is not only highly functional and elegant; our Podium Series will fill these requirements. Call us at 801-966-7148 with your questions.

Make a Personalized Lectern for Basic General Public Chatting Gatherings

Speaking with coloration, with lifestyle, with animation is known as the emotional. Usually these, who are extremely colorful off phase, drop all emotion on phase simply because of anxiety. The finest assistance I can give about speaking with color is to handle your viewers as if you were being having a conversation in your living place. Don’t attempt to be an individual you are not. Be yourself. Allow your emotion to be expressed not only in the vocal wide variety of your voice, but in your facial expression and entire body language as effectively.

And do not be scared to go. If you stand frozen at the lectern, you will not be in a position to unwind. If you should use the lectern, change your excess weight from one foot to yet another. If you are capable to converse without having the lectern, shift (don’t pace) due to the fact your movement will not only aid take it easy you but your audience as effectively.

The closing ingredient is the non secular. If you technique your speech or presentation believing that you are not heading to do well, how profitable do you think you will be? You must imagine in yourself and do the greatest occupation that you can do. Do not try for perfection mainly because perfection is subjective in community talking. Try to do the finest task that you can do and then do it.

If you will discover how to breathe with assist, know your material, make eye get hold of with your viewers and speak with colour, the religious will be a given.

The upcoming time you are scheduled to speak, make use of each and every of these 5 components and your chances of accomplishment will be guaranteed.

If you have ever been to a company conference, trade demonstrate, faculty presentation, or other party that expected many speakers to use the identical podium, you have definitely discovered that the flexible microphone snakes on most podiums are hardly ever satisfactory to cope with the important top and use adjustments necessary by distinct speakers. By including a hydraulic carry package inside the framework of their personalized lecterns, cupboard makers can ditch those miserable microphone snakes and generate definitely adaptable, adjustable peak podiums that will serve the desires of almost any speaker.

Higher excellent hydraulic raise kits are readily available in a broad array of configurations, and they can be carried out into almost any personalized lectern fabrication job. Relying on the desired set up of the podium, hydraulic raise kits can be observed in 2-leg and 4-leg styles, and some can be modified up to sixteen inches in height. With simple to use manual hand crank or electronic controls, going the technique up and down will consider no time at all. Integrating a hydraulic raise package into the podium at the design and creating phases will demonstrate to be a fairly uncomplicated and charge productive solution for any able circumstance goods producer.

Alternatively, introducing a whole enclosure to a ready designed adjustable top desk will produce a podium that not only provides exceptional vertical adjustability, but also gives heavy responsibility power and superior potential to accommodate any unique specifications. Many sizes of top adjustable tables can be located, creating it straightforward to uncover the correct one particular to meet any attainable specifications.

Safety and Performance are the Concern of Many Using a Lectern

Safety and Performance are the Concern of Many Using a Lectern

We are committed to make your event as successful as possible through providing light weight durable products that make your presentations dynamic and intelligible. To get the best performance possible and to be safe from injury there are a few things to keep in mind. You have made a good decision as many other people around the country have.

SAFETY by design

Summit Lecterns are designed with your safety in mind. They are light weight to save your back and have rounded non-destructive corners to save your venue. They are the most elegant lectern that can be moved around with one person. When moving your Summit Lectern around you will have the most control and ease of movement by rolling it as shown in the video. Reach out and hold the top lip in front of the rostrum and holding with your other hand the space between the top of the shelf and the top of the writing surface and tilt the pulpit back as shown in the illustration. As you tilt back the podium on its tilt back wheels you will find the rostrum is very easy to move around and you will have good control over movement. In fact you will find that the Summit Lectern is the easiest full size pulpit to move around and place. Of course make sure all items are removed from the shelf and any connections are unplugged before moving.

If you have purchased speakers with your podium here are a few pointers. Make sure the speaker stand legs are as far extended as possible while keeping the legs away from traffic. Set the height as high as feasible while making sure the top is still easily reached to place the speakers. Typically the speakers will be high enough as long as they are three feet above the level of the audience’s heads. If the speakers have to be uncomfortably high or if you have purchased larger speakers have someone help you place and them on the stand, same for removal. Make sure that the locking height adjustment pin in secure before placing the speakers on the stand.

When hooking up the electricity use common safety practice for any electric appliance. Make sure electrical connections are dry, clean, and connected securely. Make sure you are in a safe environment that is void from moisture or items that would ground you. If you ever remove the front insert make sure the rostrum is unplugged from the AC outlet to avoid shock.


The lectern uses a microphone specifically designed for pulpits. It is designed for intelligibility, efficiency and good looks. Position the microphone so it will be about 6 inches away from the mouth of the presenter. This will provide good amplification even when the presenter moves or looks from side to side. Always use the provided foam wind screen. This avoids annoying pops and is easier to clean that the metal screen. Pop filters should be cleaned regularly by taking them off and washing them in water. Replace them when completely dry.

The elegant looks, light weight, durability, and custom design are only a few of the benefits that we offer, that are why many hotels, convention centers, and universities have chosen us to make their podiums for them. These new podiums are not only safer and easier to move a round but they are more durable, and they are more affordable than other podiums. With the interchangeable front inserts they can match almost any décor for no extra cost. We also have a line of quarter rack devices that range from amps, mixers, to wireless devices.

Coloration at the Lectern Doesn’t Just Refer to What You Are Carrying!

Lectern generally has a slanted best. Mainly because of this, we hugely recommend placing water on an adjacent stand or desk, to stay away from accidental spills on notes or rendering a laptop inoperable.

The podium may possibly make a speaker really feel much more secure, as it can be gripped desperately as an existence line to include knocking knees. In some cases, it can assist a speaker to truly feel slightly less susceptible in entrance of the audience. For just the explanation that it would make a presenter feel far more comfortable, is the incredibly motive it must be utilized differently, or not used at all. Getting a rostrum in between you and your viewers is actually an obstruction to very good, powerful interaction. It also helps prevent major movement, which is utilised to change electricity, create a temper and hook up additional powerfully with your audience.

Just as making an attempt to join with another person with a tremendous desk in between you, does not bode effectively for successful conversation, speaking with a pulpit in between you and your audience is an accurate energetic barrier. Speakers lean on and clutch the lectern and it gets a crutch, which is not conducive to effective presentations or to your development as a community speaker. Indeed, you might assume to feel additional self-mindful and much less assured when you 1st begin to stage absent from the podium.

Quite a few expert speakers change the rostrum sideways and refer to notes placed there, with a speedy aspect look. This lets them the independence to move close to the stage, gesture and pace their chat, without the pulpit getting in between you, the speaker and your viewers. Guarantee that your requirements are created regarded in progress. If you do desire to convert the podium sideways, make sure that the rostrum microphone can be moved, or use your very own microphone. Some execs desire a new music stand to maintain notes, which offers a tasteful, unobtrusive choice to the pulpit.

Right now, with good tools such as PowerPoint and Teleprompters, there is good possibility to stand entrance and heart with your viewers and say, “In this article I am! I have arrived to share beneficial details with you, that I am passionate about presenting!” Be authentic, be vulnerable, but be polished. Your audiences will adore you and reply positively every single time!

I am likely to give it to you straight. That issue that you speak in front of, yeah; you know what I am speaking about. It is a lectern not a podium. A podium is a lifted system and the rostrum is what an individual hides behind when they are not a really very good speaker. Bought it? Fantastic! Now we can get on to chatting about just one of my greatest pet peeves.

Incorrect handoff of the pulpit has developed into the range 1 pet peeve for me when it is not accomplished properly for the duration of a presentation. I didn’t even believe about it when I was very first starting out in talking, but now it can make me cringe when I see an individual not handing over management of the podium properly.

Give Your Party the Pro Look with Phase, Established, Lectern and Furnishings retain the Services

It may possibly have to hold files, AV gear, notebook computers, microphones and other peripherals. When effectively setting up a lectern there are a number of things that you will want to contemplate and they will need to be tackled prior to the presentation.

Just one of the factors you will want to know in get to properly set up a lectern is the presenter. You will need to know his measurement so that the lectern can be altered appropriately to his height. The lectern need to be established so that it is at a comfy top for the presenter and however give his audience a fantastic check out of him.

You will want to know specifically what sort of presentation he is heading to give in order to set the lectern in the correct site on the stage. The most common placement of a lectern is at the entrance of the phase and in the heart, but if there is heading to be an audiovisual presentation it may well have to be put to the left or appropriate of middle to enable the viewers to see the audiovisual element of the presentation. As these you should severely take into account the fixtures and a fitting currently being utilized to assure your function has its supposed outcome.

Levels are uncomplicated but important points; they give a speaker or performer the platform from which to best relay his message to the assembled viewers. They make the speaker a focal stage and give him an air of importance or superiority, this human being is on stage simply because he has something to say to us that may enrich our life, make us a lot more fulfilled or energized. For instance, get a company awards ceremony, devoid of an acceptable phase not only will men and women in the rear of the auditorium not be ready to very best see the proceedings but the award winners will not feel like they have attained nearly anything especially special. Without having the excitement of producing their way to the phase, up the measures and into the centre of that focal position their accomplishment will not feel like it has been effectively recognised. As this sort of they need to be just one of your initially concerns when organising a company event. There are several audio visible or PA employ the service of organizations who also provide staging appropriate for any sized occasion and they might also offer a delivery, set up and dressing service.

Phases can commonly be equipped to any venue, because of to their modular nature, they can also be arranged in a suited condition for your celebration which includes catwalks, steps or disabled ramps if required and when in place the stage can then be completed to give it a hugely professional look. A valance and carpet will hide any unattractive framework or wood and give the phase the visual appeal of permanence. Staging can also be supplied with sets and backdrops intended particularly to accommodate your requirements. They can also integrate projection screens or plasma screens and can be supplied in your corporate colours. Once again it is well worth speaking about your specifications with a qualified audio visible or phase seeks the services of company who can advise the most acceptable retain the services of phase and set.