Safety and Performance are the Concern of Many Using a Lectern

Safety and Performance are the Concern of Many Using a Lectern

We are committed to make your event as successful as possible through providing light weight durable products that make your presentations dynamic and intelligible. To get the best performance possible and to be safe from injury there are a few things to keep in mind. You have made a good decision as many other people around the country have.

SAFETY by design

Summit Lecterns are designed with your safety in mind. They are light weight to save your back and have rounded non-destructive corners to save your venue. They are the most elegant lectern that can be moved around with one person. When moving your Summit Lectern around you will have the most control and ease of movement by rolling it as shown in the video. Reach out and hold the top lip in front of the rostrum and holding with your other hand the space between the top of the shelf and the top of the writing surface and tilt the pulpit back as shown in the illustration. As you tilt back the podium on its tilt back wheels you will find the rostrum is very easy to move around and you will have good control over movement. In fact you will find that the Summit Lectern is the easiest full size pulpit to move around and place. Of course make sure all items are removed from the shelf and any connections are unplugged before moving.

If you have purchased speakers with your podium here are a few pointers. Make sure the speaker stand legs are as far extended as possible while keeping the legs away from traffic. Set the height as high as feasible while making sure the top is still easily reached to place the speakers. Typically the speakers will be high enough as long as they are three feet above the level of the audience’s heads. If the speakers have to be uncomfortably high or if you have purchased larger speakers have someone help you place and them on the stand, same for removal. Make sure that the locking height adjustment pin in secure before placing the speakers on the stand.

When hooking up the electricity use common safety practice for any electric appliance. Make sure electrical connections are dry, clean, and connected securely. Make sure you are in a safe environment that is void from moisture or items that would ground you. If you ever remove the front insert make sure the rostrum is unplugged from the AC outlet to avoid shock.


The lectern uses a microphone specifically designed for pulpits. It is designed for intelligibility, efficiency and good looks. Position the microphone so it will be about 6 inches away from the mouth of the presenter. This will provide good amplification even when the presenter moves or looks from side to side. Always use the provided foam wind screen. This avoids annoying pops and is easier to clean that the metal screen. Pop filters should be cleaned regularly by taking them off and washing them in water. Replace them when completely dry.

The elegant looks, light weight, durability, and custom design are only a few of the benefits that we offer, that are why many hotels, convention centers, and universities have chosen us to make their podiums for them. These new podiums are not only safer and easier to move a round but they are more durable, and they are more affordable than other podiums. With the interchangeable front inserts they can match almost any décor for no extra cost. We also have a line of quarter rack devices that range from amps, mixers, to wireless devices.

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