A Decorative Idea Made to Last with an Idea for Colors and Design

Audio Systems Group and Summit Lecterns have made a better mousetrap. Taking the design of our patented polyethylene and making it more sensitive to surrounding décor’s has been accomplished. Summit Podiums, where elegance meets portability, has the only patented polyethylene pulpits on the market. The success of this product lines are in their unique blending of functionality with design.

Keeping the ever changing décor market in mind, the newest design feature of or Summit Lectern is in the introduction of our new stock color, Bronze Granite! With the addition of this color, any boardroom, classroom, lecture hall, etc., will be tremendously enhanced. Where professionalism is important and emphasized, this new color will add to that requirement. Add to this color our synergistic rostrum inserts, and your organization will have a winner!

Another example of a décor enhancing product and meeting design is AC power input and microphone output.

Has anyone ever tripped over or stepped on a power cord or microphone cord attached to a podium and disconnected the cords? Or worse, damaged the input or output plugs? The reason for this occurrence is the common design flaw of most pulpits. These two problems have been mitigated in the design characteristics of the patented polyethylene pulpit.

John T. out of Tucson, AZ 85701 told us they were always having problems with their AV technicians, especially when the stage was dark, tripping over and damaging lectern cord attachments. The ones made out of a wood were particularly vulnerable. He said, “The design of our wood lecterns does not permit an easy fit between output plugs and cables. They are always breaking off causing expense and embarrassment. However, when we purchased our rostrum from Audio Systems Group, this problem was virtually eliminated due to the well-thought out design. The recessed AC power device and speaker connection are out of the way.

In the design, the Edison AC surge protector and the XLR connection are recessed on the bottom of the podium shell. By recessing these devices, the potential for damage or disruption to the system has been lessened. While copied, the product is the only polyethylene rostrum incorporating these design features.

If asked why should I purchase a Summit Lectern? John T. from Tucson, AZ 85701 answered, “Why not own a Summit Lectern? They work.”

Our answer is if you want to have a rostrum in your organization that is not only highly functional and elegant; our Podium Series will fill these requirements. Call us at 801-966-7148 with your questions.

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