The Right Product for the Right Space in Anaheim

At last, a product that fits your needs! Summit Lectern provides an array of podium styles and colors for the convention center.

The Summit Classic with its black shell and laminated cherry wood insert has the ability to blend in and not be the focal point of the presentation. With the rounded, ergonomic corners, provides a stylish platform for the presenter. With the addition of Clear Sound Corp’s intelligible microphones and cables, the Summit Podium becomes the best platform for the venue for Anaheim, CA 92802.

The Summit Presenter podium with either a built in Clear Sound Corp speaker or a speaker on an extendable speaker stand, with a microphone adds an additional dimension to the convention center operation. This variation permits the AV technician and the facility flexibility in the placement of the rostrum. All that is needed is a 110 volt ac power source and the Presenter lectern is available for use. The power connections and XLR output are recessed into the lectern shell to help prevent damage to the plugs.

The Summit Freedom is ultimate in convention center experience. This model provides self-powered Clear Sound Corp’s speakers and frequency agile wireless microphones. The Freedom podium can be used both outdoors and indoors. If additional wireless microphones are needed, a second rack can be added to house the transmitter and receiver.

All of the Summit Classic models, basic, integrator, presenter, or freedom, has shell color options. They are: black, gray granite, beige granite, or bronze granite. Stock inserts are: Black marble, Maple are available. For an additional nominal charge, a double sided cherry wood insert can be added. A premium insert color, silver mist, adds that professional look. All shells have a 12 year warranty and have a 25 foot drop rating. Still another choice is the facility logo can be applied to the insert. All models are easily transported from room to room with the built in tilt back wheels. With the available sound amplification choices to the convention center a shock mount and an 18 inch gooseneck with a microphone are standard. Depending on the model configuration, the Summit Lectern can weigh up to 45 pounds.

One of our newest additions is the Summit Traveler podium. This highly portable lectern (28 pounds) easily fits in the back seat of most cars and can be carried to the desired location in Anaheim, CA 92802 by placing it under the arm or on the shoulder of AV technician. In stock shell colors are: Gray Granite, Beige Granite, or Bronze Granite. For an additional up charge, a black shell is also made available. A Clear Sound Corp external speaker with an associated Clear Sound microphone on an 18 inch gooseneck can be added. To date, the internal speaker option offered with our Classic series is not available.

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