Lectern and Podium Portable Light

Recently, Don S. from Columbia, SC 29201 purchased one of our LED podium lights with our dimmer and clip. He said, “I am profoundly amazed at the quality of this product. It is 100 per cent portable and clips on just about any surface we need a light. With the dimming capability, the rostrum light is capable of permitting our presenters to increase the lights brightness when needed by simply rotating the comfortable knob. When the surface needs to be dimmed, the presenter needs only to rotate the knob in the opposite direction. When the light is fully bright, the light completely and evenly illuminates the surface.”


In addition, he went on by stating that his Summit Lectern and Podium, with its colorful contemporary front panel complements the decor of his meeting rooms. He said, “Moving podium is a risky business. Wood pulpits easily chip, dent, or warp. Our Summit Lectern and Podium, with the rounded corners and gray granite surface, is easily moved from meeting hall to meeting hall. Our AV techs love it because of its light weight and portability. One of our techs had the misfortune of having the rostrum fall off of a raised platform, when he righted it, there was no damage at all to the pulpit.”

Richard from Columbia, SC 29201 also commented on the versatility of the LED light. He said the light attaches quite easily to our sound mixer for many of our dances we are able to host. The local high school AV tech loves it because the LED lectern light illuminates all of his controls yet does not interfere with the mood lighting he uses.

The LED podium light is the ultimate in surface lighting. The PO-123 can be attached to most surfaces by just compressing the attached dimmer clip much like your mother used to use clothes pins. A further enhancement to the clip is there are four built-in, non-slip pads on the inside of the clip. Thus preventing the housing and light from slipping off of the surface the light is attached to. There is another variation to the PO-123. This is the PO-124. This light has a BNC connector which provides added capabilities. Both lights have a one year warranty.


Please call for pricing and shipping charges. In most cases, the PO-123 and 124 will ship on the same day. You can reach us at 801-966-7148 or email dan@clearsound.us.

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